Unemployment Benefits For North Carolina (Possibly All States) - Not Being Extended

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Unemployment Benefits For North Carolina (Possibly All States) - Not Being Extended

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Kathy Shultz and along with myself there are several others with concerns regarding the unemployment benefits in North Carolina.

Many of us lost our jobs and had to file for unemployment, unfortunately, we are all having high difficulty in finding new jobs. The unemployment rate is very low; therefore, there is no jobs to be found in our field and if so, MANY are applying.

The unemployment only lasts for 26 weeks and since we are not finding jobs, the unemployment benefits for our year has run out. When asked about the extension we were told that since the unemployment rate is below 6% (which we are finding it hard to believe) and the fact President George Bush did not sign the approval for the extension in North Carolina it is being denied.

This is affecting if not all, many of us in the most harsh ways that can or could be avoided by our Government. I know some have lost their homes, cars, critical health care, etc over the fact they could not get the extension.

What we need more than anything is jobs but, since there is no jobs to be found, we desperately need help to get the extension. It is a fact that in other states the extension is in affect; therefore why not North Carolina???

If the Government is for the people, then stand by YOUR people (citizens of United States) and PLEASE help us get this resolved by approving extensions that will be effective immediately.

I do realize for some this is not your issue but, of Legislation or Federal; however, the more people who know the importance of this matter the better.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you have a great day,
Kathy Shultz

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What are we to do when we still need help, and can't get it. I have been working 32 years, had some medical issues, and now I need help! I don't want to lose everything. Please help. There are those of us out here who are REALLY trying. It's so frustrating.
extension benefits should be available to ALL!
Why punish the poor people who actually try to find jobs,and the high and almighty want to not even try to pass unemployment extensions for the ones who need it ,especially n.c. who can only draw for 20 weeks.Get off your high horse and do whats right for the united states.
This is not fair to the ones that don't have a job how can they pay there bills?
I hate our nc govenor he has to be the dumbest person alive he has a job so he has no clue what the regular people of nc are going thru.
This is really sad to know people can treat other people like they are dirt under a rug.
I'm so sorry I voted for mycory in nc I would of hoped he would of helped us he is like the rest greedy but he sure gave his secretary a 5000 dollar raise
unemployment is basically grocery money and utilities.
Where do you think people will go for food stamps and electricity?
Unfortunately, I worked in North Carolina so I can't draw benefits from South Carolina. This is cutting our throats. Not only do you let the employers do as they please without retribution but you are stopping our benefits! North Carolina is a very sad, very bad state.